They’ve Gone Beyond Reason

| Romantic | February 12, 2015

(My girlfriend and I have been discussing moving in together. We are in front of our iPads while on the bed. I’m playing a game; she is reading from a website about tips on moving in together.)

Girlfriend: “Come up with at least one reason to move in together other than finance and convenience.”

(I think for a bit, and aside from loving her and wanting to spend my life with her, I see no other reasons. But that’s not quite what came out.)

Me: “Seriously? What other reason is there?”

(My girlfriend erupts with laughter as I realize how that sounded.)

Me: “Let me rephrase that…”

(She keeps laughing.)

Me: *amused but insistent* “Let me rephrase that!”

(More laughter.)

Me: *defeated, sighing* “All right, let me bring up Not Always Romantic…”

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