They’ve Come North But The Conversation Is Going South

, , , , | Right | December 9, 2019

(We’re right on the US border and we have a lot of American tourists in the summer.)

Customer: “Excuse me? What kind of money do you have here?”

Me: “I’m sorry?”

Customer: “Well, I’m from America and we have dollars. What do you have here?”

Me: “We call our currency dollars, too.”

Customer: “Oh, cool.” *yells across the store* “Mom, they have dollars here, too!”

(A few minutes later she asks if I can calculate an exchange rate for her and I do. Then, she asks me to follow her around the store and tell her how much various items are. I explain that I am the only one on and that we are a little busy so I can’t, but I show her how to do it and give her my calculator. She isn’t happy but she finds a lot of things.)

Customer: “Wow, Mom. You can’t get jeans like this in America!” *as she’s holding jeans with a huge “Made in the USA” tag on them*

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