They’re Weak As Kittens

| GA, USA | Friendly | August 20, 2015

(We have just come out of a restaurant and are headed for the car.)

Driver: “Okay, it looks like the place closes at 11 and it’s 10:45 now. We can make it but we need to go now. Hop in.”

(Passenger #1 opens the door and helps Passenger #2 into the car. While holding the door, Passenger #1 looks into the darkness around the lot.)

Passenger #1: “Oooh, kitty!”

Driver: “No! Do not get distracted by the kitty.”

Passenger #2: *climbing back out of the car* “Kitty?”

Passenger #1: *pointing* “Kitty!”

Passenger #2: “Oooh, kitty!”

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