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They’re Totally Fruit Loopy

, , , , | Right | May 26, 2022

I work in the deli and also handle catering orders at a supermarket. A woman ordered a fruit tray from us, and unfortunately, it wasn’t ready when she came to pick it up. The woman was not happy about it and started complaining to her teenage daughter.

I go over to hurry the fruit guy along, and after a few minutes, I return with the lady’s tray. After I hand it to her, she stares at it for a second.

Customer: “This is the wrong price.”

Me: “What is it priced at?”

She does not respond, instead holding the price tag like a dead fish. I have terrible vision, so I can’t read the tag from where I am standing, so after asking her three or four times, I reach out and gingerly take it from her hand.

Me: “Oh, yes, I see it’s priced wrong. Let me go get a new tag.”

Her daughter then whines:

Customer’s Daughter: “You didn’t have to do that. That’s rude.”

I am confused but just ignore her to go get the other tag. I come back with the correct price and stick it onto the box.

Me: “There you go! Have a great day!”

Customer: “Where’s my fruit tray?”

Me: “Excuse me, ma’am? What do you mean? It’s in your cart.”

Customer: “No. This isn’t mine. You gave mine to someone else.”

I am done. We are busy and I have a lot to do.

Me: “I don’t know what to say, ma’am. I gave you your tray. I have to go now. Have a good day.”

I turn and walk back to the cooler, at which point I hear:

Customer: “Wait! I’m not done talking to you!”

I look back and see her following me. As I walk into the cooler, I think I am safe. Wrong. This woman follows me into the walk-in cooler. Now I am panicking. I yell.

Me: “Get away from me!”

As I push through the carts and other things in the cooler, I hear my manager yell:

Manager: “Ma’am! You’re not allowed in there!”

I ran out the other side of the cooler and hid in the prep area until they left!

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