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They’re Still Frozen On Their View Of The World

, , , , , | Right | April 27, 2021

The power company comes out to our store before we open to shut off the power for a bit to test stuff. Turning it back on shorts out our freezers for the frozen aisles. No one notices until it is too late, so for the next five and a half hours, five other workers and I spend our time clearing out the messy, now unfrozen, items.

Customer #1: “Oh, what’s going on?”

Me: “Our freezers shorted out, so we have to pull all this product.”

Customer #1: “Oh, okay.”

She proceeds to attempt to shop in the freezer section anyway.

Coworker: “Ma’am! We just said that the freezers were broken. We can’t sell that right now!”

Customer #1: “Oh, but I was going to have it for dinner.”

Next customer:

Customer #2: “Why’s this so warm and wet?”

Coworker: “Our freezers broke. I’m sorry but we can’t sell that.”

Customer #2: “Well, you should have said something!”

This is after they have bypassed our barricades and such.

Coworker: “Right.”

The next customer is holding literal cartons of ice cream soup, trying not to squeeze too hard so the top pops off or spills.

Customer #3: “Oh, what happened to your ice cream?

Me: “All our ice cream is melted. Our freezers aren’t working. None of it is frozen anymore.”

She is still holding the ice cream. Ice cream is now dripping from it and several other tubs have popped open and are leaking.

Customer #3: “Oh. Are you sure I can’t grab some?”

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