They’re Stealing Your Time By Making You Clean Up

, , , , | Right | October 3, 2018

(I work in an electronics department. Every night we have to lock up expensive items. Since we leave at ten pm, and the store is open 24 hours, no one will be in our department. The manager is helping me with it when this conversation occurs.)

Me: “So, earlier, a father and his two teenage daughters were looking at phone cases. They were sitting in a circle on the floor, trying the cases on their phones. I was working in another aisle at the time but greeted them. After they left, I was doing my rounds through the aisles, conditioning, and I noticed six phone cases out of their packaging, spread around the floor. I was so mad.”

Manager: “Wait, so they stole them?”

Me: “No, the packaging and the cases were there; the cases were just out of the packaging and on the floor.”

Manager: “I was going to say, ‘It’s nice that parents are teaching their children to steal.'”

Me: “It’s just as bad if you think about it; they’re teaching their kids not to clean up after themselves or be respectable in public.”

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