They’re Sewn Into Their Uniforms  

, , , | Working | February 4, 2020

(As a train station coffee joint in a small town, we often get the same customers, including railway staff, recognisable mostly by their Dutch Railway uniforms. A man comes in and orders. I recognise him as a regular and greet him happily. My coworker looks at him, puzzled.)

Coworker: “I apologise for staring, but you look exactly like a regular we have here who is a train driver.”

Me: *snickering and pointing at the customer* “[Coworker], that is him!”

Coworker: “Really?” 

(The customer says nothing, just smiles and obviously waits for the penny to drop. That takes a while.)

Coworker: “Wait… You are not kidding.” *finally he realises and face-desks* “You people are so hard to recognize without a uniform!”

Train Driver: “Yes, even railway staff wear their own clothes from time to time.”

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