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They’re Out Of The Danger Zone

| Related | July 28, 2015

(My nephew is high-functioning special needs, and has mop of hair that he hates getting cut. We have been trying to convince him of how bad it looks by showing pictures of people with similar haircuts. Then, my sister gets a bright idea, and introduces him to ‘Top Gun.’ This happened a couple of days later:)

Sister: “So, [Nephew] what do you think of Maverick’s hair cut?”

Nephew: “Mom, could I get one just like him?”

Sister: “Sure, if that’s what you want…”

(Later, at the salon.)

Sister: *to beautician* “He wants a Top Gun Tom Cruise haircut.”

Beautician: *sparkle in her eye* “Really? We can do that!”

(He ended up sitting the best he ever has for a haircut, and even let them wash his hair laid back in the chair. It looks great on him! Then, to top it off, as we were leaving, one of the cheerleaders from his school was coming in, and told him how good his hair looks. I think he floated out to the car he was so happy. But he now wants a Top Gun jacket, pants, shoes and aviator glasses…)

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