They’re On A Complaining (Toilet) Roll

, , , | Right | June 12, 2018

(I get a telephone call from reception about a guest who has already been to four rooms and was not happy with any of them. She finally gets upgraded to a business room, which is half the size of our other standard rooms. She is being a pain and starts hunting around the room, looking for anything to pull us up on.)

Guest: “What’s this?”

Me: “Toilet paper?”

Guest: “It’s been used!”

Me: “We don’t replace a toilet roll unless it’s less than half used.”

Guest: “This is illegal! You have to replace with every guest! I should call the health department!”

Me: “It doesn’t say that anywhere in the health and hygiene rules.”

Guest: “Yes, it does!”

Me: “I will replace it, if you’d like.”

(She has already given me a list of things she “needs” and things to do. She is traveling with her husband and daughter. All the other rooms she checked have three full-sized beds. This room has one double-bed and room for a tiny fold-out.)

Guest: “We’re going out for dinner. Will it be safe to leave our luggage with you? You won’t steal it, will you?!”

Me: *stares in disbelief* “Of course not!”

Guest: “No need to take that tone!”

(She walked out and went to dinner. I told the reception that after I was finished there that I was refusing that guest service. They didn’t argue.)

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