They’re Not Playing Around In That Playground

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(I’m about six years old. My grandparents operate a big, Oktoberfest-y beer garden with up to 1000 visitors a day, and a connected playground. When I visit for the summer I am always eager to help. Since they can’t have a child running around behind the tills, they invent the job of ‘playground supervisor’ for me and tell me to see that everybody is having fun. I’m doing just that when I see a kid shove another kid from the swing and spit on him.)

Me: “Hey! You can’t do that!”

Rude Kid: “Shut up! I can do whatever I want!”

Me: “No! That was bad! Please apologize and let him back on the swing…”

(In the same moment I feel the hand of an adult violently grabbing me by the arm and yanking me to the nearby registers. My grandpa, who was standing behind it, sees this from afar and already comes around the front of the till.)

Rude Adult: *to me* “You’ll be sorry for that!” *to my grandpa* “This spoiled brat was rude and insulted my child and me! I want you to throw him off the premises alongside his useless parents or I’ll give him the whipping he very clearly needs! And I want you to comp my meal for the hostile environment you exposed my child to!”

Grandpa: *quietly by visibly furious beneath the surface* “[My Name], why don’t you go back to the playground?”

(I turned around and went back to the playground but still could see that it was dawning on the rude woman that she made a terrible mistake. A few moments later an employee came and escorted the rude child alongside his mother and her friends out of the beer garden. I don’t know what was spoken but they looked mortified and I’ve never seen them back in the years since.)

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  • Joe Weatherford

    I like your grandpa.

  • Souless night

    Gotta love parents who ignore the fact their precious little snowflake is a snot nosed jackarse

    • Katrin Schirmer

      sometimes bullying runs in the family. that seems to be the case in this story.

    • Loren Pechtel

      This isn’t a case of ignoring it, but encouraging it.

    • 白大福

      My parents are the exact opposite, well, Asian parents thing…

      • Souless night

        Emphasis on the A… cause strict societies and high grade requirements… fun.

        • 白大福

          Luckily my parents never push me for the grade, but they are traditional Asian parents. Luckily I wasn’t raised into a bully or spoiled little brat.

          • Souless night

            Well that’s good.

      • I dunno… I taught in Korea and Thailand for a few years and there were plenty of bullies among my students.
        (Felt heartbroken for my 4th grader who came in with a bloody mouth and throwing up because kids were beating him up)

        • Ophelia

          Bullying exists in east Asia, but they sometimes take different forms. It’s horrible in Japan because typically, one student will be set up as the fall guy for the rest of the class to laugh at.

          Lots of victim-blaming in those parts too. There was an incident a couple of years ago when a group of Chinese immigrant college students group-bullied another Chinese immigrant college student, removing her clothes and burning her with their cigarettes. She took them to court and won. Chinese social media was abuzz, people amazed about how American courts punish bullies, which indicates to me that there is a huge victim-blaming problem there.

          • They do have a “take care of it yourself” attitude about it. So you either have to be “strong” enough to just deal with it or you’re expected to defend yourself somehow.
            So I can imagine their surprise at someone using the law to ‘deal’ with bullies.

          • Ophelia

            Well, taking them to court can also be seen as “take care of it yourself,” in a way, as she was the one who chose to do so.

            (Now I’m thinking about Good Samaritan insurance and how messed up things have become in China for that to even be a thing.)

          • Technically true but they also like to keep things discreet. They don’t exactly like bringing attention to themselves or their family.

          • Ophelia

            Yeah, true. That sort of thinking can be difficult for an American to grasp, but at the same time, it really doesn’t help the bullying problem there (unless someone can find a way to discreetly shame bullies).

  • JDP

    Yassss grandpa yaaassss.

  • Cathrope

    Go Grandpa!

  • godzillahomer

    The Dursleys’ vacation to Germany is going poorly I see

    • Abigail Hermione Irwin

      OMG I was thinking much the same thing, ROFL.

    • Kitty

      The Dursleys wouldn’t be able to tolerate Germany’s rather understanding tolerance of ‘dirty people’ and such in public.

    • Kenya Starflight

      You, good sir/ma’am/individual, win the day! Mischief managed!

  • Adrian Mckeehan

    If you’re going to be an entitled cunt. You may want to keep your hands off the owners family.

  • Lord Circe

    I’d be going to jail if that were my child, because I’d be making that rude kid an orphan.

    • HiddenWindshield

      You probably would have stayed out of jail, because what she did was assault, and so killing her (at least, in the U.S.) would have been considered self-defense.

      • Cody Ranney

        I’m pretty sure every state (including texas) would not consider that self defense because there was no source of mortal endangerment such as violently attacking anyone, having a knife, gun, etc. Please stop spreading misinformation about U.S. laws, there is enough ignorance towards the U.S. In the world right now.

        • Vercalos

          Yeah.. I wouldn’t have killed her, I still would have called the police and charged her with assault. I’m not a father, but no one hurts anyone I care about and gets away with it if I can do anything about it.

        • Asiyd

          Yea even Texas would call bull on that… no way you can kill someone for grabbing your arm. :/

        • Matt Westwood

          You don’t know what disease is carried in the spittle that was launched at that child. It could be life-threatening.

          • godzillahomer

            Yeah, the kid could catch ‘the stupid’

        • HiddenWindshield

          After re-reading the post, yes, you’re right, that wouldn’t be self-defense. I was thinking it was a more immediate situation. If a stranger grabs your child’s arm, that could very easily be a kidnap attempt, in which case, killing them would fall under justifiable homicide. If they’re bringing the child toward you, however, that’s obviously not happening, so not justifiable.

          • Laren Dowling

            Yup. It is still, however, assault. Touching another person’s body without their permission is physical assault. So the OP’s parents probably could have gotten away with decking the jerk. Not that I’m encouraging such violence. I think OP’s parents handled the situation very well.

          • Austin Blessing

            You only have a right to use the requisite force to remove yourself or another from harms ways. the law actually specifically says you can never respond to non deadly force with deadly force

          • HiddenWindshield

            In the U.S., at least, that’s not true. You are allowed to kill someone to prevent a major felony, of which kidnapping is an example. definitions (dot) uslegal (dot) com (slash) j (slash) justifiable-homicide

          • Austin Blessing

            Under the law, delay force may be used only as a last resort, once other measures have either been exhausted or are deemed impossible. and deadly force can only be used to preserve a life (I cannot remember the case law on kidnapping and force to prevent it, but this particular case would not fit as it would be easy to over power her by nonlethal means, plus by the time grandpa got involved the kid was out of danger so no force at all could be used)

          • Austin Blessing


        • Kitty

          Potentially kidnapping? If you drag a person a certain amount of feet/meters away, without bringing them out of danger/their guardian, it’s considered kidnapping… from what I read once, I’m not sure.

      • Asiyd

        I can confirm that even Texas, the state with some of the broadest self defense laws… would not accept you killing someone because they grabbed your arm. You would go to prison, and you -might- find yourself facing the death penalty. Don’t come here to Texas and think you can just get away with killing people. Don’t come to the USA thinking you can get away with killing people.

        • Will Flynn

          Eh, could probably get away with it in Florida. Stand your ground. Pull ’em off, when they advance again, fear and stand your ground. Mix with a weapon and, voila, off the hook scott free. Since it has happened, it can happen again.

          • Asiyd

            Okay but that involves a weapon, which constitutes a legitimate fear for your life… which is not the same as a woman grabbing your arm.

          • Will Flynn

            Umm, no. Not the person having a weapon, the person feeling threatened and pulling their own weapon. It happened, it could happen again.

            And don’t get me started on castle doctrine, which is an even easier way ti get away with killing someone. On my property, if I feel threatened, death is an acceptable outcome. In fact I have been told (by LE) to make sure and pull them all the way onto my property so there is no question

          • Asiyd

            That is NOT what castle doctrine means, you have some really weird ideas about how self defense laws work.

          • Will Flynn

            Uh, yeah. Explained by LE to me when I first moved here. You got a problem with it? Take it up with them. Till then, someone breaks into my property and I feel threatened or fear for my wife’s safety, they do not leave. Period. And I will be absolved.

            You really have to know what things mean where they are before spouting faux outrage. Since I know for a fact what it entails where I live, you just appear foolish trying to fob off knowledge you don’t possess. I’d elucidate further, but I have no more time for this thread this five day.

          • Asiyd

            It’s like you’re a mind reader, I was thinking the exact thing about yourself regarding spouting faux facts about self defense laws, and about the foolishness of trying to “fob off knowledge you don’t possess.”

            But by all means, go ahead and proceed as you think you’re entitled to. Heaven knows it’s not -my- life that will be spent in prison over it, so I’m really not that concerned.

          • Difdi

            Nope, that’s not how stand your ground works — even in Florida. Someone who does what you say would be guilty of second degree murder and imprisoned accordingly after their conviction.

            All stand your ground laws do is say that if you have the legal right to be somewhere, you don’t have to turn your back and try to run or abandon your family members to save yourself before you’re allowed to use violence to protect yourself or your family.

            In places without stand your ground laws, if you don’t try to run away from danger before you violently defend yourself, you might well wind up in the cell next to the attacker.

          • Asiyd

            …… I’m… incredibly grateful I live in Texas right now. WHAT!? You have to -run away- first, in order to be allowed to legally defend your family?!

          • Will Flynn

            Look, it happened. Whether or not you think it did or not is irrelevant. No imprisonment, a trial but acquitted. So, that is indeed how it worked in the past and, as I said, if it happened once it could happen again. That was my point and only point. It happened, it could happen again.

          • Difdi

            I assume it’s the Zimmerman/Martin thing you’re hinting about?

            If so, then it’s a bad example because Zimmerman didn’t need stand your ground laws to legally do what he did. The outcome would have been the same in a duty to retreat state, because when someone who is bigger and stronger and a more skilled fighter than you is kneeling on your chest beating your head against the ground, it’s impossible to try to run away instead of fighting back.

        • Mushroom

          Unfortunately there are plenty of people already here that think you can get away with killing others, just because you disagree with them.

          • Asiyd

            I would bet money they are merely speaking a big game, because they ALSO know that we’re the state quickest to give the death penalty too. They may think that, but they don’t think it for long.

          • Mechwarrior

            Only cops can do that.

          • Difdi

            According to the law (at least in the US), anyone can do that. Cops can do that because they are citizens, not because they are cops — and all citizens are allowed to defend themselves.

            If the danger is of the deadly force variety, they can even use deadly force in self defense. The only reason cops get away with so much is their unions negotiated an employment contract that inserts an extra layer of oversight between them and the court system.

          • Mechwarrior

            Cops are also given much broader leeway by juries when it comes to what constitutes a justified use of force, as seen several months ago when a cop who shot an unarmed African American man in the back because she “felt threatened” was acquitted despite her bodycam showing that he was in the process of complying with her orders.

        • Matt Westwood

          Yeah, the only people who can get away with just killing someone at random is a pig. Although if your victim’s black, anyone can indeed get away with murder.

          • Asiyd

            I want so desperately to argue with you, but I just can’t… and that is terribly sad. :/

          • Kristen

            When someone over the water can see how sucky our politics are, you know we’re scr3wed.

          • Matt Westwood

            You were doing okay with Obama, unfortunately you seem to have taken a bit of a backward step since …

          • Kristen

            I blame corruption. I think it was plenty obvious the elections got rigged

      • Difdi

        Unfortunately the story is from Germany, where defending your kids can get you a longer prison sentence than the person who attacked your kids.

      • TheWonderRabbit

        Self-defense doesn’t give you carte-blanche to go ultra-violence.
        Technically, you only have the right to use as much force as necessary.

        Seeing as the kid was able to return to the playground without any difficulty, it seemed the parent let go of the kid very soon after they reached grandpa, and so your use of force wouldn’t be justified, nor considered anything less than assault.

        Also you’re thinking of ‘defence of others’, not ‘self-defence’.

        • Kristen

          Self Defense:
          Mother Grabs Arm and Drags Victim–> Victim removes hand
          Mother Grabs Arm and Drags Victim –> Victim Bites hand or breaks fingers to get free
          Mother Grabs Arm and Drags Victim –> Victim scrapes Mother’s legs until they let go

          tl;dr: Mother Grabs Arm –> Victim finds way to break free and run away

          NOT Self Defense:
          Mother Grabs Arm and Drags Victim –> Victim breaks free and then begins pummeling mother (That’s assault)
          Mother Grabs Arm and Drags Victim –> Victim Breaks Free and Shoots Mother (That’s Manslaughter)

          tl;dr: Mother Grabs Arm and Drags Victim –> Victim breaks free and escalates situation instead of running away

  • Flami

    Your grandpa rocks!

  • Max

    That kid’s gonna be exposed to a load more hostile environments if keeps that up.

    • Xaveston

      He already has, they pointed out they were 6 during this, so they could be any age now, no year is mentioned, for all we know the rude child was Trump (Calm down, it’s a joke for anyone who gets upset at that,), sadly it means that person is indeed an adult, or the very least a teenager and is probably one of those toxic human beings we see everyday, it’s like a glimpse of the past, maybe their grown up antics got mentioned on this site even.

      • Kitty

        The small hope is that the kid A) learned to not act like its parents anymore or B) DID annoy the wrong person and learned a very important (maybe even painful) lesson.

  • Nerdman51

    Ah. German Playgrounds, always fun

  • Annie

    Ah yes, another fine example of someone who thinks they’re perfectly entitled to this disgusting behaviour towards other people, and only become “mortified” when they make the mistake of acting this way toward a relative of the business owner at wherever they are AND get caught and publicly shamed for it.

    You hope they at least learned a lesson for the future; but realistically, with these sorts of people, it’s not too likely, is it?

    • Kitty

      W-w-w-what? M-m-m-my actions have con-consequences?

  • EJ Nauls-Poland

    You’re grandpa has way more patience than I would’ve had in that situation.

  • CyNical CyNthia

    Poisoned apple doesn’t fall far from the toxic tree, how disappointing. At least justice was served, though *giggles maniacally*.

    • Amanda

      So that’s what you’re going by on this site now. I was wondering if you were still around.

  • Abigail Hermione Irwin

    Love your grandpa. 🙂

    And I love these stories where the person who gets all outraged and righteous suddenly realize that they have screwed up bigtime and there is no way back. I suspect the reason you’ve not seen Mama and her Widdle Pwecious since then is your grandpa told them they were welcome to stay away.

  • Chiitaku

    Why can’t I hit the Thumbs-Up button more than once?! >A<

    • Joan

      Well, in the meantime you could click the “recommended” button at the top of the comments, to approve of the original story.

      • Chiitaku

        Oh, thanks for that! I never noticed that before! ^_^

    • Deadpool

      Use another browser. Then another and another. Then go to a new computer and do it again.

  • error404

    To the site owners. No problem. I’ll disable my AdBlock for you so I don’t have to see the gore pics you put up just for users who use adblocker apps. But since you feel the need to have several adverts and popups on each page and all of them reload themselves every 10 sec over and over that causes so much lag now then I’ll just stop the page from loading before those annoying ads do seeing how the text for the stories load instantly but the ads load much slower because you use so many of them.

    Ya ya you need to get paid too but not at the expense of lagging your visitors phones and computers every single time they come here.

    • Mushroom

      There was a two minute wait between when I clicked on this tab and it was able to scroll due to the ads and scripts causing the browser to be unavailable. You’re doing it wrong, NAR.

    • Matt Westwood

      I use Adblock and it works perfectly. But then I use a desktop computer not a kiddie’s toy to browse it, there may be a difference there.

      • error404

        I don’t know. I used both my laptop and desktop and whenever I enable AdBlock for this site the gore pics show up but when I disable it it goes back to regular ads for sites I may have been to like Amazon or Ebay but I’ve never been to any gore sites. Like I just told another person who replied, I’ve uninstall/reinstalled AdBlock etc but nothing works.

        Also it only happens here when I have AdBlock enabled. Other sites, no problem.

        • Coronae Arcania

          Might I suggest UBlock Origin?

        • TheBigBadWolf

          NAx is purposefully showing you those pics to get you to turn off adblock. Do you have adblock plus? Before the comment changeover, a lot of people using adblock were getting those ads only on NAx sites.

          I think with adblock plus you can block the gore pics. I can’t remember my exact process but adblock has a “block element” button. I did have to block each pic separately though.

        • Matt Westwood

          I never get any gore pics. I don’t know what you mean by them.

        • kiden

          you have to go through and block each element. I see none of that nasty crap anymore.

    • Asiyd

      I use AdBlock and I have not seen any gore pictures… what?? Where are you seeing this?

      • error404

        The gore pics are where the ads are but they’re just pics not videos like most of the ads are here and they don’t reload. They’re usually pics of trypophobia and skin diseases.

        • Asiyd

          …..that is really unsettling. I have no idea why it’s doing that on your end, because I’ve never seen that D:

        • heymoe2001

          The ads I get are based on my browse history. ie. ads for musical instruments and yarn.
          Perhaps you should clear you cookies and monitor what you browse.

          • TheBigBadWolf

            No, NAx has purposefully done that in an attempt to get adblockers turned off. Before the comment-changeover, a lot of people using adblock was getting those ads. It was specific to the NAx sites.

          • Paludal

            Its a second ad-layer, that only shows if you just block the normal ads, ofcourse, you can just block the gore ones too.

    • TheWonderRabbit

      That sounds like a problem with your ad-block, not the site?

      • error404

        At first I thought so too but it’s happens on both my laptop and desktop. I went ahead and uninstalled/reinstalled AdBlock on both but it kept happening. Then I noticed it’s only on this site and just after they did the massive rehaul combining all their sister sites into one. The gore pics are where the ads are but they’re just pics not videos like most of the ads are here and they don’t reload.

    • Dontbeadork

      Update your adblock. I’ve not seen any of those pics.

    • Nerdman51

      Um. I use Adguard, no ads, no gore pics

    • I use AdBlock and ever since they switched over to Discus, I haven’t had ANY ads. I love it.

  • YersiniaP

    I’ve never encountered anybody demanding their meal comped for being exposed to a “hostile environment” in Germany.

    Unless the OP is now 7 or 8 years old, because this kind of behaviour IS slowly trickling over to Europe these days, I find this story very hard to believe.

    Too bad, because up until that rant by the woman, I was enjoying it.

    • AseretZone

      Here’s an idea: She was looking for any excuse to get her food for free. Isn’t it possible that she was watching her kid like a hawk to try and use any sign of “hostile activity” towards him?

      All OP did was politely ask him to apologize and she was on OP like a wild cat and dragging the child to the desk instead of, say, demanding “Whose child is this?!”

      • YersiniaP

        That’s exactly the point.

        Food comping is not something restaurants do over here, not as casually as they seem to do in the US.

        Judging by stories I read and friends that I have talked to, it is quite common in the US to comp a patron’s meal if anything goes wrong, sometimes not even with the food itself, but just for any complaint the patron might have.

        We don’t do this here, unless the food was the problem, and then you’d still pay, just not for the dish that was wrong.

        Especially if this was supposed to be a few years ago, having her food for free would not have been something the rude woman would have thought to ask for because it just not something which is done to appease irate customers.

        • jonoave

          I also haven’t heard of anyone asking for free meal here in Germany, so it does sound unlikely.

          However, it’s not stated in the story that the rude woman was a local German. So it could be a tourist. As far as I know, most of my German friends and others who know avoid the commercial “Oktoberfest” events that are more like tourist traps and beers are priced 3-5x the normal price.

          • AseretZone

            She was probably American. 😛

    • Eilonwy_has_an_aardvark

      “Hostile environment” may be an inexact translation. If this is the English translation, years later, of what a native German speaker remembers from childhood, I’d expect some slippage.

      The irate mother could have been saying something about a dangerous place where people aren’t nice to you (heck, in German, that’s probably one word) that plausibly translates to “hostile environment” without retaining all of the undertones the term has in English.

      • YersiniaP

        You’re absolutely right, things being lost in translation or at least slightly shifted in their meaning is always a problem with stories that originally happened in a different language.

        But as I said to AseretZone below, food comping is not the casual solution for restaurants here to deal with any problem a patron could have, so it is not something a German patron would have asked for.

        It just sounds wrong.

        Not that there are horribly entitled people in Germany, they are everywhere, but that they’d ask for their food to be comped because someone supposedly upset their kid.

        • Eilonwy_has_an_aardvark

          Oh! It’s the food-comping that stood out as wrong! I missed that completely. I’m sorry! Yeah, that’s a cultural detail that’s not a translation issue.

  • Mushroom

    It’d be interesting to know what Grandfather said to that rude adult. Probably way out of a child’s vocabulary, but very clear to the adult that they made multiple critical mistakes in their judgement.

    • Matt Westwood

      I dunno, the child’s vocabulary already sounds like that of a person 50 years older.

    • George Gidley

      I wonder if it was something along the lines of “The Nuremberg Trials never caught me after I served at Auschwitz. What’s make you think I’ll be caught after I’m through with you?”

  • Kirishima Touka

    That woman is everything that is wrong with people.

  • Aaron

    Man, it doesn’t matter what was said to your son.
    Unless there is a clear danger to or from the child, you do not, I repeat, DO NOT, grab someone else’s child, IN ANY WAY. You’re luckily you weren’t jailed

  • Steph

    Only in Germany would you find a beer garden with a playground lol

    • Deadpool

      Don’t worry. The kids only get lite beer until they turn 12.

    • Joan

      No. Maybe only in US you don’t. Common in Europe and not unheard of elsewhere.

    • Difdi

      The US idea that any contact with alcohol, even without consuming any, is irreparably harmful to children is pretty much unique to the US.

      Most other countries don’t believe in crazy stuff like that.

      • Asiyd

        Trust me, a lot of the citizenry right here doesn’t believe in crazy stuff like that… unfortunately though, the corrupt bureaucracy and the crazy loudmouths do and ruin it for everyone.

      • Tiffany Tyler

        And yet Chuck E. Cheese serves beer and wine 🙃🙃🙃

        • Dsru Bin

          Really? Is that a new thing? I don’t remember that as a kid (or maybe I just never noticed).

          • Tiffany Tyler

            I worked at one in the early 00’s. Besides management, I was the only one old enough to serve alcohol on the entire team. Working with teenagers sucks.

          • Ophelia

            Chuck E. Cheese’s used to do that, but they stopped after someone at the company realized most of the parent fights in the place were traced back to them being drunk. When corporate decided to stop selling beer and wine there, the parent fights reduced drastically.

          • Kristen

            WTFIWWY can attest to this: The Parents are still fighting at Chuck E. Cheese.

          • Ophelia

            I can’t say I’m surprised at that.

      • Amy Susan Fisher

        I once read a story about an interesting culture clash: A French family moved to the US. They had a young son starting grade school. They put some wine in his thermos to go with his lunch. When the boy’s teacher discovered it, she had a major freakout, probably thinking all sorts of awful things about his parents, that they would force their child to drink alcohol. The French take their wine pretty seriously, and teach their children to appreciate it starting at a young age.

    • TheWonderRabbit

      Australia has such things.

    • Angela Platts

      A lot of English pubs have beer gardens with playgrounds.

  • Phil Adler

    I’d be punching the Rude Adult in the face if that was my grandchild.

  • AsaeAmpan

    Here’s a tip you stupid little inbred: if you give a word power mentally, the word will HAVE power, shut up, sit down and let words slowly fade out into obscurity so that it’s no longer an insult and instead just a word. You people are why swears and other such words even MEAN anything, because you’re too stupid to suck it up and realize IT”S JUST A FRIGGEN WORD.

    • Cody Ranney

      I don’t agree with you on many things, but I do in this case, you worded that better than I could, bravo

  • Pandorajyn

    Idc who you are dont put your hands on another persons child. I wish we knew what was said

  • Sage Darkthorn

    So instead of just saying “I’m not sure if you can read emotion”, you jumped to the conclusion that he had to be on the autistic spectrum?

  • Sage Darkthorn

    Words only have power if you let them have it. And to clarify, no I’m not a woman. But i’ve been insulted by both sexes in the past. Including being told by my own mother that if I wanted to look for a boyfriend I should just stand on a street corner 🙂

  • Jennifer Smith

    Yeah, no, sorry, nothing gives you the right to lay your hands on another person’s child, barring them being in imminent danger, or actively harming another child. As the only thing the OP hurt on your child was their pwecious widdle feelings, you are way out of line, lady. And I hope you enjoy visiting your pwecious widdle snowflake in prison, ma’am, because that is where he is likely to end up when you let him run rampant that way and defend his asshattery when he’s called on it.

    • Zania Sovijarvi-Spape

      I know Americans have mixed opinions on this and don’t want to go into that can of worms, but in most EU countries if not all, physical discipline of children is illegal and considered an assault. So if you were to give someone elses’ child “the whipping he needed” being publicly mortified would be the least of your worries. You’d be in court and that’s assuming you first survived the parents.

      • Kristeen Borrowman

        Now Days ‘corporal punishment’ is pretty widely condemned though what people do when you can’t see them is always another matter. Depending on the age of the op though I’m betting it was more common at the time. Like when I was young (i’m just shy of 30 now) it was done by the parents of the child but less common, when my mother was in school they still allowed teachers to hit kids for writing left handed, when my older Uncle was a kid he got a spanking from his doctor with the firm advice to his mother “God made that part padded for a reason ma’am”

      • Ophelia

        Meanwhile, in some Asian countries, it’s expected of children and any parent who refuses to do so is shamed. My parents grew up in a culture like that, and my mom finds it difficult to believe such a thing can even be legal in some other countries. To her, making illegal physical punishment of children is like making illegal driving a car, as to her they are both equally common and expected of people.

        Physically punishing someone else’s children, however, is absolutely not OK in my parents’ home country, with a few exceptions (such as if they’re another family member or a teacher).

  • Akamar

    Exactly how do you read emotion in text when even sarcasm is typically missed?

    • S123

      I think she’s talking about “reading emotion” in real life, not in text. They were talking about the level of hatred with which the word “cunt” is spoken.

      • Akamar

        Eh.. It’s a complicated topic, and I frankly think she’s blowing it up into a bigger deal than it needs to be.

  • Arilwyn

    The word has the power you allow it to have.

    Men say that word to eachother, just as much as they say it to us. And if using the word is unacceptable, then so does d i c k and a s s and related words.

  • So, any other 90s kids have that song stuck in their head thanks to the story title?

  • Cathrope

    I’m picturing Grandpa from Heidi.

  • Denton Young

    It’s called Parenting 101, b****. You teach your child that he is NOT allowed to shove and spit on other kids.

  • Kitty

    Grandpa probably said something along the lines of, “How dare you treat my granddaughter that way!? If you treat strangers’ children like that, I’m not surprised to see your own kid turning into a snot-nosed little ‘spoiled brat’, as you called (Name)! Do us all a favor, get the f*** off the premise and learn some manners – and them teach them to your kid, too! GUTEN TAG!”

  • Maria Santos

    You’re a bigot, that’s all.

  • Maria Santos

    Being a woman doesn’t mean you have to desperately look for a reason to be offended.

  • Patrick Mccurry

    My mom saw my father angry only once and that was when a teacher bullied my brother. No one knows what my cop dad said to him behind that closed door. But whatever it was made the douche walk out white as a sheet and never bothering my brother ever again.

  • Patrick Mccurry

    Maybe along the lines of, “I’m old. A life sentence wouldn’t really be that long.”

  • Fenn

    How dare you speak harshly to my precious baby who would never hurt a fly! Parents probably ignore it or have no clue what their kid is doing

  • Bel-Shamharoth

    It was at this moment Rude Adult knew….she f*cked up.

  • Angus MacHaggis

    You haven’t seen them because they are not alive anymore.

    • John L

      Hope that the garden is never replaced by condos….someone will end up with a forensics team and linked silver bracelets! LOL.

  • Christine Harris

    “I don’t know what was spoken but they looked mortified”

    I’m going to assume it was something about touching a child that wasn’t hers and police.

  • Ilya

    If that woman had grabbed MY child like that, she would have ended up with a broken arm!