They’re Not On Top Form

| Working | July 14, 2017

(I have received a call saying that a staffing agency has seen my resumé online and asks if I can come in to their office the next week as they may have a position for me. I go to their office and the receptionist asks me to have a seat and they will be right with me. During the course of sitting there for about five minutes, three different people come through and speak to the receptionist saying they work at a location and the boss needs a form. The receptionist replies that the form has to be obtained by another person who is not in the office today but she will try to get a hold of him and will get back with the people who asked for it. After three people all ask for the same form, that should have been my first clue that something is off here. I get called back to speak with the staffer.)

Staffer: *cheery* “So, I saw your resume online and thought you would be perfect for this help desk position.”

Me: *thinking this is an IT job* “Sounds great. Who is the job for?”

Staffer: “It’s for [Gas Pump Company]. They make gas pumps like you would see at a gas station. Is this something you would be interested in?”

Me: “Well, other than using them, I really don’t have experience with gas pumps.”

Staffer: “Oh, no one does. There would be extensive training. Essentially you would be on contract with us until after the training. After that you would become their employee. After the training, based on how much you have learned, you can pick your schedule, whether it be first shift, second, or third. Essentially if you were worst out of the class you would have to take what was left as your schedule. You basically have to take calls from gas station employees for problems with their pumps. You could get a call that something wasn’t working or a call where they could get any gas from the pumps and there could be ten people waiting for gas. It can be stressful. Is this something you would be interested in?”

Me: *a little concerned* “Sure?”

Staffer: “Great! Do you have any questions, then?”

Me: “Yes, you mentioned that there is the chance to pick your own schedule. Do you know what a work week looks like? Like how many hours a week this job is?”

Staffer: “While you are on contract it’s 8-5 for five days a week.”

Me: “And after the contract?”

Staffer: “You would work for the company and…” *shifts through his papers* “I don’t have that readily available here.”

Me: “Okay, I know it’s not exactly the most proper question to ask, but what is compensation for this job?”

Staffer: “While you are on contract its $[amount] per hour.”

Me: “And after the contract?”

Staffer: “I don’t…” *searching through the papers again* “…seem to have that available. I’m sure it would go up though.”

Me: “Benefits?”

Staffer: “While you are on contract you have the option of purchasing benefits through us.”

Me: “And after?”

Staffer: *still looking through papers* “Don’t seem to have that either. So is this something you are interested in?”

Me: “Well, I’m a little hesitant.”

Staffer: *generally seems like he doesn’t understand* “Why?”

Me: “Well, you can’t tell me how much I would make, when I would be working, or how many hours I would be working and if the employer provides any benefits. I live 30 minutes from here and I’m currently working 40 hours a week. The amount of money you said on contract is only a dollar more than I make now but I technically lose that bump to my salary when you add driving time. You can’t tell me if I would be working 40 hours or 4 and if I would work 1 day a week or 7. I hope you can understand why I’m not sure if this something I would want to continue with.”

Staffer: *looking at the papers and not really listening* “Yes. Yes, I do… Oh, we don’t have your tech or typing tests. Were you sent those in the email?”

Me: “I wasn’t sent an email; I was called and told to come here today.”

(They gave me a basic IT competency test and then the contract manager for gas pump company comes in to meet me.)

Manager: “You did excellent on the test. [Staffer] told me you were interested in the position. I saw your resumé and you would be a great fit. Oh, we don’t have your typing test. Were you sent an email for that?”

Me: *just ready to leave* “No, I wasn’t.”

Manager: “Okay, we will send that right over to you. Can’t wait to work with you.”

(I left and had no interest in the job if it was offered to me. Six hours later, though, I got an email from the staffing company with the typing test. I opened it and it had a link to take the test. The first thing on the test was to put in the group number that is provided to you from staffing company… which I also never received and wasn’t in the email. I deleted the email and made a note to never go to an interview at that office again.)

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