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They’re Not On The Same Wavelength

| Learning | October 24, 2013

(I am in chemistry class, doing class work on UV rays when one of my classmates pokes me.)

Me: “Yes?”

Classmate: “I don’t get this question.”

Me: *reads* “Why can’t you get a tan from a radio?”

(The classmate just stares at me blankly.)

Me: “Okay, well… do radios emit sunlight?”

Classmate: “…wha?”

Me: “Do radios emit sunlight?”

Classmate: “No?”

Me: “Have you ever seen a radio emit sunlight?”

Classmate: “No?”

Me: “Wonderful, so a radio doesn’t emit UV rays; it emits radio waves.”

Classmate: “Huh?”

Me: “…hence the name ‘radio?'”

Classmate: “OHHHHHH!”

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