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They’re Not On Good Form Lately

, , , , | Learning | September 24, 2019

(I attend a college that requires every graduate to complete, over the course of their education, four physical education courses. Going into my final semester, I check my credits only to discover that I only have credit for three courses due to completing the same basic PE course in two different semesters. The second course was treated as a re-do and overwrote the grade of the first. Thankfully, the school has forms for this sort of thing. I fill one out and submit it to the correct office and think nothing of it for six weeks, until…)

Me: “Excuse me. I filled out a form to have a PE course counted twice for my credits. This was about a month ago and I just noticed I’m still short on credits.”

Help Desk: “Hmm, I don’t see anything in the system about it. Let me check your student folder.”

(Drawers are opened and folders are shuffled.)

Help Desk: “Nope, I don’t have any form for that. Are you sure it was submitted properly?”

Me: “Yes, I did it right here at this desk.”

(Long story short, they have no history of me submitting this document which included my name, student ID number, and class information. I am not thrilled but I get a new copy, fill it out, and resubmit it. Two weeks later…)

Me: “Hi. I submitted a form to have a PE course counted twice two weeks ago and it isn’t showing up. Could you check your system?”

Help Desk: “I’m not seeing anything in the system. Let me check your student folder. You’re sure it was submitted here, right?”

Me: “Yes, and this is the second time I’ve done this at this desk.”

(Again, no form is found. So, I get another form, fill it out, photocopy it, and submit the original. One week later…)

Me: “Okay, I submitted a form last week for getting a PE course counted twice but it’s not on my account. What is going on with it?”

Help Desk: “I’ve got nothing in the system. Let me check your folder… Yeah, nothing here. Did you–”

(I plop down a photocopy of the form.)

Me: “This is the third time I’ve come here asking when this form is getting counted. What the heck is going on that you’ve lost my paperwork three times?!”

(It finally stuck. If it hadn’t, I would have had to come back for one more semester for a single PE credit!)

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