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They’re Not Going To Boldly Go For It

| Related | February 4, 2015

(I’m the geek of the family, and absolutely love ‘Star Trek,’ especially the original series. My sisters, however, have watched several episodes with me, but never actually got into the fandom. This happens while we’re watching an episode.)

Sister #1: “You know what I think? Spock should really get a girlfriend. I mean, he has, like, no love life!”

Me: “Well, what kind of love interest would you give him?”

Sister #2: “She could be someone who works on the Enterprise and they could go on missions together and like save the world and stuff.”

Sister #1: “Yeah, that would be so cute. I bet he’d be all protective and save her life or whatever.”

Sister #2: “Ohmigod, that’d be so cool! [My Name], does Spock ever get a girlfriend?”

(I glance at the screen, where Spock has just jumped in front of Kirk to save him from a blast of deadly poison.)

Me: “Well, you two got everything right except for one minor detail.”

Sister #2: *excited* “Really? What’s her name?”

Me: “…I’ll let you figure this one out for yourselves.”

(They still haven’t comprehended what I’d meant.)

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