They’re Not Fooling With Their Carpooling

| Friendly | May 28, 2014

(Five of us meet at my and Friend #1’s apartment and carpool to go out skating. Now we are going home. Friend #1 is driving. Friends #2 & #3 don’t have cars. I’m originally from Alaska.)

Friend #1: “[Friend #2], where are you spending the night? Should I bring [Friend #3] back to our apartment, and you can go to his parent’s place with him later, or should I just drop him off at his parent’s place now?”

Friend #2: “That is… a very good question. I don’t know where I’m staying tonight. [Friend #3], where am I staying tonight?”

Friend #3: “Uh…”

Friend #1: “We’re trying to decide where I’m dropping you off. Am I taking you to your parent’s place, or are you coming back to the apartment first?”

Friend #3: “I don’t know…”

Friend #2: “Either way, I’m ending up at [Friend #3]’s parent’s house, so unless you want me walking alone, at night, through [rough part of town], he’s coming back to our apartment.

Friend #1: “Good point. Okay.”

Friend #4: “As long as you guys won’t be too long, I can always drive you. My car is back at the apartment.”

Friend #2: “That would be perfect.”

Friend #3: “Well, that was a lot more complicated than it needed to be. Could we have made that any more complicated?”

Friend #1: “Okay, [Friend #3]. First, I’m going to drop [My Name] at your parent’s house. Then I’m going to drop all of you off at the apartment, go pick up [Friend #5], and then maybe hit a grocery store.

Friend #3: “And then we’re all going to Alaska!”

Me: “Normally, I would be fine with that, but last time I talked to my aunt, it was -20 in Anchorage.”

Friend #3: “And then we’re all going to Florida!”

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