They’re Moving In Until They Get An Answer

, , | Right | April 24, 2018

(I work at a small restaurant which also offers a few rooms for overnight stays. My boss has just left to see the dentist so I am the only member of staff around. A customer has breakfast and pays his bill. He wants to book another night with us, but we have no vacancies this weekend, so I give him the details of another accommodation provider in the area. He has been a bit annoying the whole time, so I just want him to leave, to be honest, especially as he is the last guest in the restaurant.)

Customer: “I do have one more question. If everything works out for my son at his internship, he will need a place to live for about a year. How much does that cost around here?”

Me: “Sorry, but I live with relatives in the neighboring municipality, so I can’t really help you with that.”

Customer: “Like, a small flat, how much would that be?”

Me: “I’m sorry, but I don’t know the housing market around here, at all, so I don’t really want to risk giving you any misinformation.”

Customer: “Give me an estimate.”

Me: “I have neither rented nor lived anywhere in this area. I am afraid I can’t really help you with this. But I am sure you could find some information online. Would you like another Wi-Fi code so you can check [Letting Websites] while you wait for your son to come back from work?”

(The customer is a late departure, as he wants to leave after saying goodbye to his son who is at his internship and will stay with us for two more weeks. He has some hours to kill.)

Customer: “A rough approximate.”

Me: *sighing internally that his dude is that reluctant to check with any letting agency for all his letting-based questions* “Let me go and check if I can find today’s paper in the office. There should be some property listings in there, if I am not mistaken.”

(I don’t find the paper, but thankfully, my boss’s computer is still running in the back office, so I do the Googling that my dear customer is apparently unable to do.)

Me: *back in the restaurant* “According to [Website], a small flat costs about [price] per square meter. If one goes for a larger one, it will cost a few cents per square meter more. They also had one available flat listed for [price], utilities not included.”

Customer: “Okay, you said…” *takes his tiny piece of paper out again on which he had me write down the contact details earlier*

Me: *repeats prices, and the customer scribbles them down* “But I can’t promise you will find something at this exact price that you like. After all, I don’t really know anything about it and can only tell you what I just found online. A letting agency could give you a lot more information on that.”

Customer: “Well, it isn’t even certain that he will need a place around here at all. Have a nice day!” *leaves*

Me: *to myself* “Then why the f*** were you such a pain in the a** about it, anyway?”

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