They’re Just A Small Frog In A Big Pond

, , , , | Right | April 10, 2020

(I work in a large store which sells a lot of things, including miniature frogs by the counter. All of the frogs are male. One customer is looking at them and another is checking out.)

Customer #1: “Oh, look, two of them are hugging!”

Me: “Yeah, they do that sometimes, even though they’re all male.”

Customer #2: “Oh, they’re just confused.” *her tone then turns disapproving* “You know they’re allowed to get married now?”

(She is clearly talking about same-sex marriage and it is evident she is against it. There is an awkward pause in which nobody really knows what to say.)

Me: “Oh, I didn’t know frogs could get married.”

(The woman then grumbled a bit, finished paying, and left with an unhappy expression on her face.)

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