They’re In Their Own Little World

| Canada | Friendly | June 26, 2015

(One night I have a dream where my friend and I go to space. The next morning I text to let her know and the following relay occurs:)

Me: “You were in my dreams last night. We went to space.”

Friend: “Far out.”

Me: “Haha, man your puns are out of this world.”

Friend: “They make even myself starry-eyed.”

Me: “I’m just glad they don’t leave me in the dark.”

Friend: “I’d say they’re a scream, but no one would hear them.”

Me: “That one was mars-voulous.”

Friend: “I too am over the moon on that pun.”

Me: “Ju puter’lotta effort into it?”

Friend: “You bet Uranus.”

Me: “I’m starting to think your sol purpose is to make puns, but sometimes you can be light years from funny.”

Friend: “Yes, those will be the times I’m saying things with actual gravity.”

Me: “Comet’y makes everyone feel better though!”

Friend: “Oh, you’re burning up on re-entry with that one.”

Me: “That, Orion a roll?”

(These conversations can go back and forth for days; so smooth sometimes it’s almost like we planet.)

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