They’re In No Mood

| Working | November 29, 2016

(I’m pretty grouchy in the mornings, but I don’t like to ruin others’ day, so when I need to interact with people I make a point of psyching myself up and putting on a cheery grin. This happened last time I did that.)

Me: “Good morning!”

Clerk: “No such thing.”

Me: “I’d like to get these rotary blades sharpened.”

Clerk: *sigh* “It just got worse. If they’re chipped we won’t do them. You can pick them up tomorrow because I’m NOT dealing with them during store hours.”

Me: “Um… okay.”

(The mood dissonance was so big I couldn’t stop laughing after I left. She was a lot happier when I went back the next day; I guess I caught her on a bad one.)

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