They’re Hard-Wired To That Only Solution

| Working | April 28, 2017

(This goes back to the days of black, analog, rotary phones. I’m closing up my apartment after college graduation. I call the — the only — telephone company to terminate service.)

Telephone Company Rep: “Okay, unplug the phone from the wall and bring it in to our office.”

Me: “It’s not a modular [4-prong plug] phone. It’s hard-wired into the wall.”

Telephone Company Rep: “No, our records show it’s a modular phone.”

Me: “That may be, but I’m trying to pull on it and the wall is moving.”

Telephone Company Rep: “You have to bring it in.”

Me: “Okay.”

(I nearly pull the wall down proving to myself that it’s hard-wired. I get a wire-cutter and slice all the wires. The next day, I bring it in to the telephone company office.)

Telephone Company Rep: “You’re not supposed to bring in a phone like that!”

Me: *thinking, ‘no s***!’* “The rep I spoke to said I was required to bring it in.”

Telephone Company Rep: “…”

Me: “May I have a receipt, please?”

Telephone Company Rep: “We don’t give receipts.”

Me: “Well, then, what proof do I have that I returned it? At least give me your name.”

(So he did, and I wrote down his name and the exact time and date. Fortunately there wasn’t a problem.)

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