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They’re Going To Be Dancing In A Bit Late, We Think…

, , , | Right | CREDIT: Ok_Mycologist8555 | September 24, 2022

I work in a hotel. I call the elevator and see a family of disgruntled folks staring back at me as it opens.

Mother: “What kind of elevator is this?”

I step in and glance at the console. No lights means no floor has been properly selected. It happens a lot since our elevators are locked by keycards and will only take guests to their floor or the pool floor, and many guests completely forget that we tell them this at check-in.

Me: “Oh, you just have to use your room key and select the floor.”

Mother: “We don’t have a room key.”

Me: “Oh. Are you staying in the hotel?”

Mother: “We’re going to the dance recital on the eleventh floor.”

I’m a little taken aback. It’s not uncommon for people to get into the elevators who aren’t guests. Obviously. We installed the whole keycard thing. But our eleventh floor is just guest rooms, and ones usually allocated specifically for [Rewards] members.

Me: “Our eleventh floor only has guest rooms. Are you sure you’re in the right hotel?”

Father: *Looking genuinely befuddled* “Isn’t this the [Hotel #2]?”

Me: “No, sir, this is the [Hotel #1].”

Mother: *Snarling* “You mean the [Hotel #1] [Hotel #2]!

Me: *Pauses* “No. This is just the [Hotel #1]. The [Hotel #2] is four blocks that way.”

Mother: *Scoffing* “Well! Will your stupid elevator take us somewhere to access that?”

Me: *Smiling behind my mask* “Sure, ma’am. Let me take you to the second floor.”

The family stomped away into the corridors that connect the businesses downtown, and I waved goodbye to the people who tried to tell me where I work.

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