They’re Going To Give You Milk Out Of Spite

, , | Right | June 3, 2017

(I work at a popular coffee shop in a mall. As such, we get very busy very quickly, and often don’t have enough people working to process customers as quickly as they’d like. Today was a very busy day.)

Me: “Hi, what can I get for you today?”

Customer: “What sort of dairy-free drinks do you have?”

Me: “We have Lactaid and soy.”

Customer: “I’m just allergic to dairy.”

Me: “Okay, we can make your drink dairy-free.”

Customer: “Could you make the peppermint mocha dairy-free?”

Me: “Yes, we can. What size would you like?”

Customer: “What’s in the peppermint mocha.”

Me: “Normally it’s espresso, peppermint syrup, mocha sauce, steamed milk, and whipped cream with chocolate shavings on top. But we can make it dairy free with no topping.”

Customer: “Okay. I need it dairy free.”

Me: “Okay. What size would you like?”

Customer: “Wait, what kind of flavours are in the peppermint mocha?”

Me: “…peppermint syrup and mocha sauce.”

Customer: “What’s in your mocha sauce?”

Me: “It’s a powder we mix with water.”

Customer: *talking with her friend and doesn’t hear me*

Me: “What size would you like today?”

Customer: “Sorry, what’s in your mocha sauce?”

Me: “It’s a powder we mix with water.”

Customer: “Do you mix milk with it?”

Me: “No, we just use water.”

Customer: “Is there any dairy in it?”

Me: “If you’d like, I could go get the mocha package and show you the ingredients.”

Customer: “Yes, please.”

(I go to the back and give myself a couple of seconds to internally scream. I get a packet and go back out. The customer has gotten one of the baristas who is busy making drinks to stop and instead talk to her.)

Customer: “I need it dairy-free.”

Barista: “Our mocha sauce is dairy-free—”

Customer: “But do you put milk into it?”

Me: “I have the packet right here that you could look at.”

(Barista gives me a look of gratitude and goes back to making drinks. Customer hums and haws as she reads the package.)

Me: “Would you like a peppermint mocha today?”

Customer: “Yes, please. Oh! But I need it dairy-free!”

Me: “Yes, I know. What size would you like?”

Customer: “Oh, wait, your peppermint syrup…” *pause*

Me: “…yes?”

Customer: “Is it dairy-free?”

(After another couple minutes she finished her order and left to pick up her drink. I heard her remark to a friend how slow we were in getting her drink made.)

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