They’re Entitled To Feel Entitled

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(As a couple is checking out I notice their interest in a certain item in our store. Up-selling is a big part of my job, so I let them know the price and bring the item down for them, which they decide to get. As I get to the register I notice that the price sticker is showing the item for half of its actual price.)

Me: “Oh, and it looks like the price sticker is actually showing a much lower price than it’s supposed to be, so I can go ahead and give you that lower price today.”

Customer: “Wait, that sticker says [lower price]; why is it ringing up for [higher price]?!”

Me: “The price you see is what the item is supposed to sell for. But since we put the wrong price on the item, I can give it to you for the lower price. I just need to key it in.”

Customer: “It’s not my fault you people mislabeled this! I demand to get the price on the sticker!”

Me: “Yes, ma’am. I’ve already adjusted the price for you, as you can see on the screen.”

Customer: “I never would have gotten this if I had known it was so expensive! You’re just trying to fool us into spending more!”

Me: “Ma’am, I informed you the item was [higher price], and I am the one who told you we could give it to you for [lower price]. I really don’t understand the confusion. But your total is now [lower price].”

Customer: “I swear, I have to fight you people every time I need something done around here. You’re all just crooks.”

Me: *giving up* “Here you are, ma’am. You have a nice day.”

Customer: “See? It says it on the tag, right here, clear as day! Honestly, some people.”

(I don’t know how I offended this woman, but my manager decided to refuse her service in the future. So, that’s nice.)

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