They’re Completely Christmas Crackers

, , , , | Right | December 25, 2018

(I am working customer service emails when I pick up this one.)

Customer: “I am disgusted with your company and will never shop with you again! Do you feel £10 compensation is enough?! My guest was injured by the toy flying out the Christmas cracker and hitting my guest below the eye. Disgusting!”

(On checking the notes, I can see that someone issued a refund of £12 for the cost of the crackers, and £10 goodwill. Personally, I would have offered nothing, but it is already done. I reply to the customer with the stock, standard apology, but make it clear she a has a goodwill gesture of £22 and is getting naught else. Knowing they will reply, I keep an eye on the email.)

Customer: “You ruined my Christmas and injured my guest. £10 compensation is disgusting and I will take this further.”

(I am tempted to ask for the doctor’s report to show the extent of the injury. It goes quiet for a few days, until…)

Customer: “I will take this to social media to see if this is a fair offer. It did not state on the back of the box that this would happen!”

Colleague: “Considering that they are old enough to have guests, I’m sure that this is not the first time they have used crackers.”

Me: “And I am pretty sure common sense would apply, considering most crackers come with toys. I’m sure no one else needs big bold letters to state the obvious.”

(They never replied back; good luck to them in life, I say.)

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