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They’re Barking Mad

| Working | February 8, 2017

(I see an ad that says, ‘Pet Daycare hiring: No experience necessary.’ I’ve pet sat before, so I apply. A few days later, I get called for an interview and so I go. Everything is going fine until…)

Interviewer: “So you say that you pet sat before. How many dogs can you handle?”

Me: “At the same time?” *she nods* “14!”

(I’m expecting that she would be pleased, since every time that I had mentioned this to anyone, they were in awe. But she looks dismayed.)

Interviewer: “We handle 45.”

Me: *shocked* “45 dogs? At one time?”

Interviewer: “Yes. You must clean up after 45, you must walk 45, and you must do it all on your own. Large dogs. Can you handle that?”

Me: *flabbergasted* “I, uh… um… I’m not sure. I guess?”

(Right then, I was thinking of a way to politely end the interview. Thankfully, the interviewer did it shortly after. I almost told them they ought to take off the ‘no experience necessary’ part of their ad but decided not to.)

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