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They’re All Banding Together

, , , | Learning | June 7, 2017

(It’s the last week of school, senior year, and I’ve brought my violin to school because I’ve never been able to properly play it for my friends. Our school is so small that our marching and concert bands are combined, meaning anyone who wants to be in band needs to pick brass, woodwinds, or percussion. The only other option is the jazz band, which is restricted only to people who are in the regular school band. Therefore, I never applied to either.)

Me: *fiddling, with my friends clapping along*

Band Director: *butts into the middle of the circle* “Stop! Stop!”

(We do, fearing we’re in trouble,)

Band Director: “[My Name], since when do you play the violin?”

Me: “Since I was… eight or nine? Why?”

Band Director: “Why didn’t you ever apply for band?!”

Me: “I didn’t want to play the trumpet or sax.”

Band Director: *annoyed now* “No, I meant jazz band. You should have applied, you know.”

My Friend: “You specifically tell people not to bother applying for jazz band unless they’re already in band.”

Me: “You also laughed me out of the room when I asked you what to do if I wanted to play an instrument that’s not in the marching band.”

Band Director: *turns red* “W-well, you should have persisted! Or gotten someone to vouch for you! Well, there’s nothing you can do to fix this now.”

(He walked off, muttering to himself about me being a “waste of talent.” Even if I did want to join the band, I think I dodged a bullet with him.)

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