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They’re As Thick As Pea Soup

, , , | Working | November 6, 2019

(My mom and I are at a restaurant, and we have one hour to eat before an appointment. Mom’s order has a slight issue.)

Mom: “And I’ll just have the soup.”

Waiter: “Ah, the current batch is out, so that would add thirty minutes to the cooking time.”

Mom: “Okay. We’re on a time crunch, so just give me the salad,  instead.”

Waiter: “All right.”

(We waited for thirty minutes. There was no sign of our food, so Mom asked them to box it for us. This took another prompting and ten more minutes. Then, the check took ten minutes. Then, the change took five minutes. We decided to eat after our appointment. When we finally opened the boxes, guess what Mom got? The soup. We did not leave a good review.)

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