They’re As Different As Chalk And Ricotta Cheese

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(A year or so after I graduate from college, I decide to head back down to visit some friends who are still there. A couple of them got their own apartment this year, so I stay with them. They’re thrilled to have me, and one of them insists on cooking for me since she has a kitchen now. I agree, under the condition that I get to make one meal that my family doesn’t really like and I don’t get to make that often. I am an extremely picky eater, but I love pasta, and my friends know this. [Friend #1] decides on lasagna and agrees to tailor the recipe to my taste.)

Me: *looking over recipe* “It should be fine if you substitute the ricotta cheese for cottage cheese.”

Friend #1: “What?”

Me: “Instead of using ricotta cheese, please use cottage cheese. It’s similar enough to work, and it tastes way better.”

Friend #1: “You can’t do that, can you?”

Friend #2: “Yeah, you can. My mom does it.”

Me: “Mine, too, because she hates ricotta cheese as much as I do, and she will eat almost anything.”

Friend #1: *sighs* “Fine, we can try it. [My Name], what spices do you like in your sauce?”

Me: “Um, I’m not sure. Usually, we just buy whatever’s on sale and use that. [Brand #1] and [Brand #2] are pretty good.”

Friend #1: “No. Store-bought sauces have way too much salt and sugar in them. I make my own.”

Me: “I don’t think that’s such a good idea. I’ve had some awful homemade sauces before. I’d really prefer something jarred.”

Friend #2: “I’m fine with that.”

Friend #1: “No, I’m making my own sauce. Don’t worry; I’ll make sure you like it.”

(We go to the store to grab what we need. I also grab what I need for my recipe, some yogurt for breakfasts, and a couple of microwaveable meals just in case. Back at the apartment, [Friend #1] gets to work. After a while, she calls me over to taste the sauce.)

Me: *tastes it* “Hmm, it needs something. Try adding a dash of salt to it.”

Friend #1: “I didn’t put any salt in it. It doesn’t need it.”

Me: “Yeah, it does.”

Friend #1: “No, it doesn’t. You don’t need salt when you have all these other spices you can put in it. Besides, you’ve said you don’t like things too salty.”

Me: “Too salty and no salt at all are two very different tastes. You asked me what it needs, and I’m telling you it needs a little bit of salt. I’m guessing you didn’t put any sugar in it, either.”

Friend #1: “Nope.”

(If she was on a health kick, maybe I could understand her reluctance to add in a lot of salt and sugar, but nope. She just wanted to prove me wrong. I couldn’t eat any of the lasagna, and I could tell [Friend #2] didn’t like it that much, either. I ended up eating a microwavable meal. The next night, I insisted on cooking. I made a salsa chicken which [Friend #2] loved. [Friend #1], I think, was surprised that I would eat something like that, and was quiet through dinner. I guess she thought I only ate very bland foods all the time. I’ve made dinner for my friends a few times since this incident, but I don’t let [Friend #1] cook for me anymore.)

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