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They’re An Idiot, No Matter How You Slice It

, , , , | Right | October 14, 2018

(I work at a bakery that sells primarily fresh bread. I am opening and setting up bread when the first customer of the day walks in. Being the only sales worker there at the time, I drop what I am doing to serve the customer. Keep in mind this woman’s first language is English.)

Customer: “Do you have that one but like… as a bag of slices?”

Me: “Oh, we slice the bread here; that’s no problem.”

Customer: “Okay, but… I need like… a bag of slices.”

Me: “Um, yeah, I can just slice it for you.”

Customer: “But do you have it in a bag of slices?”

Me: “I can put that loaf in a machine that will slice it… and then put it in a bag.”

Customer: “I just want a bag of slices.”

Me: “Here. Let me show you.”

(I take the loaf, slice it for her, and present the sliced loaf in a plastic bag.)

Customer: “That’s exactly what I wanted!”

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