They’re An A**-Hole In Every Language

| Friendly | October 16, 2016

(I, my brother and my girlfriend are visiting a huge theme park in Germany. We are in the queue for a water slide and some guy cuts in line. Note: this theme park has a lot of international visitors.)

Me: “Entschuldigung, kannst du bitte nicht vordrängeln?”

Guy: *looks at me dumbfounded*

Me: *in English now, while making moving gestures with my hands* “Please don’t cut in line.”

Guy: *looks at me dumbfounded*

Me: “Get back behind us!” *gesturing more wildly*

Guy: *with a very French accent* “Not understand.”

Me: *smiling because I know I’ve got him now, I turn to my brother, who happens to be very good at French* “Could you please?”

Brother: *in French* “Don’t cut in line! Get back behind us!”

(He looked even more dumbfounded and got behind us, but spent the rest of the waiting time getting really close to my backpack, which made me feel very uncomfortable and worried that he might try to pickpocket me. As we get closer to the ride he cut in line again, but by then we were quite happy to have gotten rid of him.)

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