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They’re Already Full On Misplaced Rage

, , , , | Right | November 12, 2018

(Guests at our restaurant check out at registers in the front of the building, not at the table.)

Me: *noticing she only had coffee* “How was your coffee today?”

Guest: “Fine, but I do have a complaint.”

Me: “Oh, no, what happened?”

Guest: “Well, when I sat down, I told the waitress I was only having coffee, and they kept asking me if I wanted food. Am I not allowed to just have coffee?”

Me: “Of course you can have just coffee. They were just trying to give you the best service possible. A lot of people say they’re just having coffee and end up eating anyway.”

Guest: “Yes, but I told her I was only having coffee, and three times someone came by and asked me if I wanted food. I just thought it was so rude, and so I’m not leaving a tip.”

Me: *pause* “Okay. I’ll let my manager know.”

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