They’re All Trying To Get Fired

, | Working | February 16, 2015

(I am going through the drive-through and someone previously has tossed a cigarette which has started a fire beside the ordering box.)

Me: “Hey, there’s a fire out here by the order box.”

Voice: “Okay, we’ll let someone know.”

(I get to the pay window.)

Me: “Hey, you know there’s a fire next to your order box?”

Cashier: “Oh?” *looks at the cameras on the area* “I don’t see anything. Your food will be ready at the next window.”

(I go to the next window.)

Me: “Excuse me, but there’s a fire at the drive-in box.”

Clerk: “Okay, I tell manager.”

(She clearly does nothing, so I drive back around to the box and try to stomp out the fire myself. I get back to the box and call the attendant.)

Me: “The fire out here has gotten worse. Can you send someone out with some water?”

Voice: “I’ll tell a manager.”

Me: “Are you guys trying to have your place burn down?”

Voice: “What?”

Me: “You have a fire out here. F. I. R. E… FIRE!”

Voice: “Okay, I’ll send someone out with some water.”

(Three minutes later a woman comes out with a large drink cup with water and just looks at me and the fire and just stands there. I take the cup from her hands and douse the fire. I gave the cup back to her and drove off.)

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