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They’re All Talk And… Well… That’s It

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I work in a legal office. I have had dealings with a client who, to put it generously, is a bit of an odd duck. This client has severe anxiety, and it tends to manifest through unhealthy obsessions with her property. Unfortunately, she is also loaded. She got a huge settlement in her divorce with her rich ex-husband and has more than enough money to fund her obsession.

Each time I have dealt with her, I have spent hours on the phone with her just trying to get basic information from her amongst a deluge of demands for reassurance, crying fits, and verbal diarrhea.

The most recent time she called me up looking for help with a property matter, I was genuinely swamped with work and couldn’t take her on. She asked me to recommend another lawyer, so I did.

The lawyer I recommended her to is an elderly gentleman who very much enjoys the sound of his own voice and makes it very hard to get a word in edgewise. I try very hard not to call him directly because I can never get him off the phone in less than an hour.

It’s a lawyer-client match made in heaven. I have visions of them asleep in their chairs, hands still gripping the phone, because neither of them was willing to end the conversation.

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