They’re All Just Strolling By

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Since having a baby, I rarely go into the city centre alone these days, and after this instance I remember exactly why.

I was at the central train station, where there are several doors side by side to get outside. The doors open inwards. With my baby sitting happily in the stroller, I approached a set of doors leading outside and pushed the stroller slightly to the side so I could swing the door open.

I guess someone decided that opening one of the other doors was too much of a hassle since I was holding one open already, so they breezed past me outside. And after them another. And another. Until I was kind of stood there, slightly bewildered, with an unbroken stream of people marching out the door.

My baby in the stroller, on the other side of this stream of people, started to look increasingly panicked, with all these strangers suddenly between her and mummy. Not one person stopped and offered to hold the door so I could get to my daughter, or God forbid, get through the door with the stroller, too. I guess I could have just let go of the door and pushed my way through the stream of people, but I was honestly too shocked that this was happening to begin with.

I did learn a lesson, though: I now never let go of the d*** stroller when opening a door. Good luck pushing past me, then.

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