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They’re All High On E

, , , , | Working | February 3, 2016

(I have just bought a new computer and decided to upgrade from dial-up to broadband Internet. They come and install everything, and the tech asks me to try to go online. I just get an error message.)

Tech: “Can I try it?”

Me: “Sure, have a seat.”

Tech: “I see the problem. You don’t have Explorer installed.”

Me: “It’s an Apple. It doesn’t use Explorer. It uses Safari.”

Tech: “Well, Explorer should be on the Windows disk. Where is your Windows disk?”

Me: “It’s an Apple. It doesn’t use Windows. It uses OS X. I have an OS X disk, with Safari on it. No Windows, no Explorer.”

Tech: “Oh, the Windows disk should have come with your computer. Go back to the store and tell them you didn’t get it. After you install Explorer, you should be able to go online. If you have any problems, call this number.”

(The tech hands me a card and leaves. I immediately call the number and ask for an Apple tech. I get transferred to a rep, and we have the following conversation:)

Rep: “Okay, do you see the little blue E on the desktop?”

Me: “I have an Apple; I wanted to talk to an Apple tech. Can you transfer me?”

Rep: “Yes, I am the Apple tech. Now, do you see a little blue E?”

Me: “It’s an Apple. It runs OS X and Safari. No Windows, no Internet Explorer.”

Rep: “Well, if you want to get online, you have to install Windows and Internet Explorer. Call me back when you do that; it will take a few hours.” *click*

(I wound up calling the Apple support desk, and they fixed the problem for me. There was something wrong with the settings on the router.)

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