They’re All Grounded

, | Learning | May 14, 2014

(We go to a field trip to a local Egyptology museum where they had a seismometer and planetarium. This is the kind of thing that happens when you stuff 30 smart kids into a boring field trip.)

Guide: “We are very proud of this machine. It is very sensitive and is also part of the local reporting network for the USGS.”

Me: “I wonder…”

(Looking at my friend, I jerk my head toward the machine. Everyone noticed the gesture and all look around.)

From The Crowd: “On three. One… Two…”

(30 kids up. 30 kids down. The teacher looks both shocked and impressed. Shock is winning, though. We mill about so everyone gets to see the results.)

Student: “About a 1.5.”

Guide: *without spacing between words* “I think the planetarium is ready for you…”

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