They’re All American Idiots

, , , , | Working | July 23, 2018

I just started a new voluntary job and am being shown around before going to talk to the manager about my application form; I missed a page by accident. While being shown around, I am introduced to the cashier, who seems like a nice old lady. She immediately begins questioning my accent.

I have autism, and my autism has given me a strong American accent, despite being English. I explain this as clearly as I can, and she nods happily, returning to work, so I go to the meeting without a second thought. I have this conversation a lot. It’s kind of sad how everyone asks the exact same questions, honestly

When I finish the meeting, I start working. After a while, the assistant manager walks over and asks why an American on holiday is volunteering.

The cashier told my new coworkers and any regulars in the store that I was an American on holiday and was saying I was English because I was embarrassed about my “American heritage.”

I have no memory of what followed, since I think I had a minor meltdown, but apparently the manager ended up having a “long talk” with the cashier and bought me chocolates as an apology, and the assistant manager set it up so I was working as far away from the cashier as possible.

Regulars still don’t believe me when I explain I’m English and reassure me I have nothing to be ashamed of.

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