They’re A Little Confused, But They’ve Got The Spirit

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A few years ago, in my early twenties, I had to come out to my parents as transmale. I’m also homoromantic and only date men, but I hadn’t thought that would come up during the conversation.

I’d only had one long-term relationship at that point, with a man, but for some reason, my mother had always made it known that she thought I was a lesbian. I hadn’t realised how convinced both my parents were that I liked girls until this happened.

Since I wasn’t living at home, I called ahead to let them know I was coming over for a chat. The conversation happened with few blips. But they were both encouraging and supportive, talking over each other like Irish families do. While my dad was pointing out that he was cool with everything and would be supportive of my future relationships and any girls I brought home, my mam was pointing out that she’d figured it out, and they’d just been wondering if I was coming out as trans or gay.

It took me a second to process both statements at once before I could respond, “Apparently, both!”

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