They’re A Household Name

| Friendly | February 4, 2016

(We live in a small town and every Tuesday our local pizza place has a special on calzones, so we always get our usual. One girl taking phone orders always remembers our names. She also knows the sound of our truck as it pulls up to the restaurant. This time our neighbor asks us to pick up his order as well. This happens as we pick up our order.)

Girl: “Oh, my gosh, you won’t believe this!”

Me: “What? What is it?”

Girl: “I had never known anyone with your name before because it’s so different and guess what? Someone else has your name in our small town! And they ordered a pizza tonight, of all nights! Isn’t that so weird?!”

Me: “Actually that’s our neighbor. He put it under our name so we could pick it up.”

Girl: “Oh.” *slightly sad* “Well that was fun while it lasted. And FYI I didn’t write your name on that box, just this one.” *all smiles again*

(She shows one box with the correct spelling of our name, the one she wrote, and then one that doesn’t even come close, that someone else did.)

Me: “Thank you. We’ll let you know if anyone else does in fact have the same name as us in the future.”

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