They’ll Never Survive Welsh

| Manchester, UK | Right | May 27, 2010

(A tourist is in line to get a ticket.)

Tourist: “Can I have a ticket to Loogahgbaroogah?”

Me: “Sorry, where?”

Tourist: “Loogahbaroogah.”

Me: Sir, there is no rail station in the UK called Loogahbaroogah.”

Tourist: “But…”

Me: “Did you mean Loughbrough?” (It’s pronounced ‘Luffbruh’)

(The tourist gets his ticket and walks off, followed by the next customer in line.)

Next Customer: “It’s a good job he didn’t want my ticket. Return to Llanelli, please.”

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  • I still think this must have happened at Manchester Piccadilly… *g* Though when you think about it, there aren’t many ways to mispronounce Llanelli that wouldn’t be easier to figure out than that mispronunciation of Loughborough (which is typo’d in this post to be missing an O – the tourist’s “baroo” makes more sense *with* the O)… Still, it’s a nice comeback.