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They’ll Go To Hell Before They Say ‘I Love You’

| Related | September 28, 2014

(I stopped by my aunt’s to drop some stuff she asked me to bring before going home. She has 19-year-old twin sons.)

Me: “Aunt [Name]! I’m here!”

Aunt: “Hi, Sweety, Thank you so much. So sorry to bother you, dear.”

Me: “Oh! Come on, anything for my family. Here, I know you love chocolates.”

Aunt: “Oh, I love you!”

Me: *hugs her* “Love you, too.”

(During this exchange, my cousins were sitting there watching TV. Then this happens.)

Cousin #1: *staring at the screen* “Hey [Cousin #2]? Go to h***.”

Cousin #2: *staring at the screen* “Yeah. You, too.”

Me: *confused* “What was that?”

Aunt: *giggling* “That’s how they say they love each other. Twins are weird like that.”

Me: “No, it’s cute. It’ll be cuter if they say ‘I love you’ though.”

Cousins #1 & #2: *both at the same time* “Boys don’t say that. Only girls do.”

Me: “Yup. Absolutely weird.”