They’ll Cook It When Pigs Fly

| Working | May 1, 2014

(My father and I are getting lunch at a small restaurant that has a large poster in the window advertising their roast pork rolls. Both my father and I have decided to order one.)

Dad: “Two of your roast pork rolls please.”

Cashier: “There’s a forty-minute wait on those.”

Dad: “That popular are they?”

Cashier: “Nah, we just don’t start cooking the pork until someone orders one.”

(Dad and I decide to order something else, so we don’t have to wait. A few minutes after we get our order, a group of four arrives and moves up to the counter. I overhear the following conversation.)

Customer: “Hi, could we please have four roast pork rolls?”

Cashier: “Yeah, but you have to wait until we cook the pork. About forty minutes.”

Customer: “Oh, we don’t really have time to wait. We’ll get something else.”

(Over the next half hour, my father and I see another eight people come in and ask for the roast pork rolls. No one is willing to wait the forty minutes. As we get up to leave, my father goes up to the cashier.)

Dad: “Just out of curiosity, why don’t you prepare the roast pork before someone orders it?”

Cashier: “It’s not worth it. It would just go to waste.”

Dad: “What do you mean?”

Cashier: “We’d have to throw it out. No one ever has the roast pork.”

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