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They’ll Be Ribbing Her About That Forever

| Learning | August 29, 2013

(Our religious studies teacher had a broken rib at the start of the year, but wouldn’t tell us how she did it. She made a promise with me and a few friends that she would tell us during our last lesson of the year, thinking we would forget about it. We didn’t.)

Me: “Miss, do you remember a certain promise you made us earlier this year?”

Teacher: “…I do.”

Friend #1: “Well this is our last lesson!”

Me: “Please can you tell us what happened?”

Teacher: *sighs* “Alright, fine. But only at the end of class!”

(True to her word, by the end of class she waits with me and my friends until everyone else leaves.)

Teacher: “Okay, I’ll tell you. I—”

(She stops, and looks at the one male friend waiting with us.)

Teacher: “No! No! You can’t hear this! Please wait outside!”

(Reluctantly, he leaves.)

Teacher: “Okay. So… um… well… this is really quite embarrassing.”

Friend #2: “Did you have a fall, miss?”

Teacher: “Not quite… I was… um… I was being intimate with my husband, and I… um… I fell off; if you know what I mean…”

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