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They’ll Be Drunk By Any Metric

, , , | Right | August 30, 2019

(I live in Scotland. New government legislation for alcohol has just been passed meaning we cannot sell alcohol below a certain price. As a result, £16 litre bottles of spirits now cost about £20. On the first day of this, I have this customer…)

Customer: “Where’s your £16 bottles of vodka?”

Me: “We have these 70cl bottles for £16.”

Customer: “No. You have litre bottles.”

Me: “These were on for £16, but now all alcohol has gone up in price.”

Customer: “But it says on your website they’re still on offer! You need to honour it.”

Me: “Sorry, but legally, we have to sell them for this price now. The website probably hasn’t been updated since the law came in.”

Customer: “Then you have to change it!”

(The woman stood looking at me expectantly, as if she wanted me to go and update the store’s website myself. In the end, she left when I told her head office was in control of it.)