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They Won’t Price-Match OR Care-Match

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This happens at a huge chain toy store that also offers price-matching. After finding an item I want, I check to see if any other stores have it cheaper since this store charges more for anything they have than anyone else does. I discover that one store has it cheaper; it’s not at a location near me, but they do have it in stock. I go up to the customer service to get a price-match.

Me: “Hi! I found this item that I would like to price-match.”

Cashier: “All right. Let me just check the website to see if they have it.”

Me: “Great. The item is [item]. It was a bit tricky to find on their website, so you have to be specific with the name.”

Cashier: “Okay, I have the website loaded up. May I see the item, please?”

I hand her the item and think this will be easy. I have price-matched at a different location before, so I think this will go as fast. After a few minutes of looking on the website, the cashier turns back to me.

Cashier: “Okay, so they don’t have it on their website.”

Me: “What do you mean? Did you look up the item’s name?”

Cashier: “No. I used the UPC and nothing showed up.”

This is where it starts to go bad. The UPC doesn’t work to look up the item. The other location couldn’t find what I priced-matched when searching the UPC, either, but when they put in the item’s name, they found it easily.

Me: “Well, I have it pulled up on my phone, so they have it. Just search the name and you’ll find it.”

Cashier: “I can look at the UPC again, but it’s not showing up.”

Me: “Could you please just put in the name and look that way?”

Cashier: “The UPC still isn’t showing anything. I can’t price-match this.”

At this point, I would normally just let it go. However, the cashier then ignores me and starts taking care of other customers while I am still standing there. I decide to wait and talk to them and show them my phone since they clearly have the item in stock. After fifteen minutes and three other customers, the cashier finally acknowledges me again.

Cashier: “Did you still need something?”

She is starting to get a rude attitude and clearly just doesn’t care anymore. I hold out my phone.

Me: “Look. You can clearly see the item on their website, as well as the fact that it is sold by them. If you would just look it up by the name, you’ll find it. Searching by UPC doesn’t work.”

Cashier: “I’ll just price-match it. It’s only a few dollars and I don’t really care.”

In the end, she did price-match it. I sent in a complaint that was followed up by their customer service representatives. They kept saying how sorry they were while not addressing my issue or anything else. Despite my trying to tell them what caused my problem to begin with, they just kept saying that they were sorry that their customer service wasn’t good enough. Needless to say, I won’t be back.

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