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They Will Not Be In Receipt Of The Sale Price

, , , | Right | January 8, 2020

(Our returns policy is pretty relaxed, giving customers 100 days to return clothing if they change their mind. However, this is only with a receipt. We have sales on most of our clothing items every four weeks, so if a customer purchases an item of clothing the week before the sale, loses the receipt, and then tries to return it after the sale has begun, we can only give them store credit for whatever the item rings up on the till as. Sometimes this can be as much as 50% of the original price. Most customers accept that it’s their fault for losing the receipt, but some get very annoyed.)

Customer: “Hi. I bought this dress, but when I went to put it on it had a small hole at the top. I don’t have the receipt, though, as I only tried it on last week.”

Me: “Oh, okay. Would you like an exchange or refund?”

Customer: “A refund, please, as I’ve already bought a similar dress that fits me.”

(I process the refund to find that the dress rings up at £8. The tag on it says £16, meaning it has since gone down in the sale.)

Me: “Okay, I can give you the value on a gift card, but it looks like it has gone to £8 in the sale. And without a receipt, I can only give you what it scans at. Is that okay?”

Customer: “What?! I paid £16 for this dress. I expect £16 back as it was defective, through no fault of my own.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but I can only give you the value of what it scans at, as per our returns policy.”

(The customer stared at me for a moment, before declaring that she’d like to speak to a manager. The manager for the clothing department is quite strict on policies set by Head Office. He came over and explained the policy to her. I offered to try and look up the original receipt for the dress for her. However, the system is rather old and requires the specific date of purchase to look up a receipt. She told me she bought it “two or three weeks ago.” Feeling sorry for her, I agreed to search manually through the whole month’s transaction history — I can specify it to the dress’s barcode, to save a bit of time — in order to get her the full refund. I spent almost two hours searching and could not find her original receipt. In the end, I left it to my supervisor to contact her and tell her that we could not locate her original receipt, and that if she wanted the partial refund she would have to come in soon. A few days later, she returned the dress at its sale price with no argument.)

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