They Will Be Charged For Not Knowing About Charge

, , , , | Right | January 21, 2020

I work for an up-and-coming camera company as a Level 1 tech support agent. I got a customer on the line the other day who began the conversation by letting me know he was an electrical engineer and that he didn’t need to troubleshoot because there was clearly something wrong with his product.

I calmly let him know that I was still required to troubleshoot, as we cannot replace his device without going through the motions. He agreed, though he was clearly irritated. This was his first product and he loudly let me know that he was not impressed at how useless the setup procedure was.

I asked him what the camera was doing, and he said that it was doing absolutely nothing. I had him press the “setup” button, and as he said, nothing happened. I had an inkling of what could be wrong but was baffled by the thought that it could be so simple.

Going through my normal troubleshooting, I had him plug the battery-powered camera into the charger, and wouldn’t you guess, but the camera’s lights all turned on.

I then proceeded to educate this electrical engineer that battery-powered cameras need to be charged in order to set them up.

This, unfortunately, happens at least once a day with someone beginning the conversation with how much technical experience they have, and that is the reason why we have to troubleshoot before replacing.

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