They Weren’t Bitten By The Same Bug

| Friendly | January 31, 2015

(My friend and I are having beer on a terrace. My friend is long-time single. I’m in a relationship. Oddly, all day I’ve had little spiders and flies on my face and in my hair.)

Friend: *picks spider from face* “Here, there’s another one on you.”

Me: “What’s with me today?”

Friend: “Dunno.”

(Moments pass, and suddenly my friend stares at me.)

Me: “What, do I have a bug on my face again?”

Friend: “Uh, no, not this time.”

Me: “Oh, okay. I don’t know why I attract all these bugs today.”

Friend: “Yeah, you’re attractive.”

Me: “Sooo… what are you going to order for dinner…?”

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