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They Were Two Demanding

, , , , | Right | April 6, 2018

(It is maybe thirty minutes before we close the drive-thru, and the inside has been closed for the past hour. This customer has been rude the whole time and has been demanding fresh chicken, fries, etc., so we have to cook everything. Finally, she leaves with her food. Five minutes later, one of my coworkers cleaning the inside walks up.)

Coworker: “Hey, there is a lady banging on the locked door and screaming.”

(We look outside, and it is the same customer.)

Manager: *walks up to the locked door and says through it* “I can’t open this door. The inside is closed. Pull around to the drive-thru.”

(She screams in rage, demanding to be let in as my manager walks away. Eventually, she pulls up to the window.)

Customer: “You have some nerve! I ordered a twelve-piece, and you did not give me two of my pieces of chicken, and then you treated me so rudely! I demand both pieces be breasts, and I demand a full refund!”

Manager: “Let me have the box of chicken, please, so I can put in the two breasts for you.”

(He takes the box THAT HE PACKED and counts it. He then realizes that he DID, in fact, make a mistake. He accidentally put fourteen pieces in, instead of twelve. So, he takes out the two extra pieces, packs everything up, and hands it back to the customer.)

Customer: “You’re still short!”

Manager: *opens the box and audibly counts the chicken* “You ordered twelve, and you have twelve pieces of chicken. Please leave.”

(The thing is, if she had been nice, we would have just believed her and put two pieces in a bag for her without checking if she was right. By being a jerk, she actually lost chicken)