They Were Nun The Wiser

, , , | Right | June 19, 2018

(This day, everything is going wrong: employees are missing, orders are long, we have several rude customers, I have no time for a break, and we are in the middle of our rush hour. I’m taking orders and taking inventory in the back when my supervisor runs up to me.)

Supervisor: “Give me your headset; a customer’s car broke down in front of the pickup window. Can you and [Employee] please help move it?”

Me: “Are you f****** kidding? What else can go wrong?”

(To make it outside, I pass the pickup window. Uncontrollably cursing under my breath, I take a look outside to see who had the balls to have a junk car break down and expect us to move it. I see three extremely elderly nuns and one middle-aged nun in complete habit attire smiling from their van.)

Nun: “I’m so sorry.”

Me: *shocked* “No problem, ma’am. Let’s just get you over here.”

(Another employee and I push the car out of the way of the window — refusing their offer to get out — and made sure they got help from a nearby auto store. The nuns thank us profusely, give us their blessings, and ride away.)

Me: “Before I knew who they were, I cursed them for their car breaking down.”

Employee: “Oh, yeah. Me, too.”

Me: “We’re going to Hell.”

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